The Embassy of Belgium is pleased to announce VF Services (UK) Limited as its outsourcing partner for visa applications, who operates Belgium Visa Application Centres in London, Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Visa applications are to be submitted in the visa application centres, from where they will be sent to the Embassy of Belgium in London for their further assessment.

For Prospective Applicants

Please read the information on this site as the provided guidelines will help you to prepare your visa application as accurately as possible and to prevent any processing delays.
Step 1 : Applicants first check whether they need to apply for a visa to travel. If yes, then they need to check their eligibility to apply for a visa in the UK. Each applicant over 16 has to submit their visa application in the visa application centre IN PERSON and by appointment only; alternatively an immediate family member (spouse/civil partner, parent or child) may submit the visa application on the applicant’s behalf, whereby an authorisation letter and the proof of relationship will be presented to the counter staff. VF Services accepts visa applications for both short-term stays up to 90 days and long-term stays more than 90 days.
Step 2 : Applicants schedule an online appointment respecting the minimum processing time for their visa application between the day of visa application submission in our centre and the departure date of their trip.
Step 3 : Applicants need to gather the required documents (as per their chosen visa category) in order to provide a complete visa application, click ‘All about your visa’.
Step 4 : Applicants submit their visa application on their appointment day in the visa application centre. Upon arrival they will give their appointment letter to the reception desk who will issue in return a token number. Applicants will be seated in the waiting area until they are called to a submission counter, where the visa application (+ supporting documents) will be scrutinised. Finally, a receipt will be issued as acknowledgement of payment for the fees and service charge.
If you have already submitted a visa application at Belgium Visa Application Centre in London, Manchester, Cardiff or Edinburgh, you can track the status of your visa application on ‘Track your application’ by entering your reference number and your date of birth.